January Bach at Noon Wrap-Up

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Thanks to everyone who braved the increasing chill of this afternoon for a concert of wonderful seasonal music.  I shared a chuckle with cellist Loretta O’Sullivan as Tom Goeman finished the Canonic Variations with a variation that included the Von Himmel Hoch theme inverted and upright within the space of only a few beats.  It was a performance of great beauty, technical accomplishment, and intellectual stimulation.  Greg Funfgeld quoted Anthony Tommasini’s recent article in the New York Times about ranking the greatest composers, and the consensus is that Mr. Tommasini beautifully articulates how we feel about the composer we revere so much.  Take a moment to read his musings.   An excellent quartet of soloists joined The Choir and Orchestra in a rewarding performance of the second part of the Christmas Oratorio, and we were grateful for the audience’s enthusiastic and attentive listening.  If you enjoyed the performance today, and the Christmas Concerts, you can still purchase The Choir’s excellent 1998 recording of the Christmas Oratorio from our website (or iTunes, or Amazon).

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2 Responses to January Bach at Noon Wrap-Up

  1. Martha Popichak says:

    Thanks for your insight and wonderful writing!

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